19 Jan Why CHIP Matters to Schools, School District Rankings, and More in This Week’s AcceliBEAT

The looming threat of the loss of CHIP funding this year underlines the symbiotic relationship between health and education. Recent studies have shown that insufficient healthcare has detrimental effects to children's educational outcomes. This is also reason to support school-based healthcare centers, which is called...

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two smiling students

12 Jan ABA Therapy, Recording Devices in the Classroom, and Rewards of Hiring People with Disabilities in This Week’s AcceliBEAT

This week’s news highlights how although ABA therapy is recognized as the gold-standard treatment for children diagnosed with autism, it is not covered by Medicaid in several states, leaving many low-income children without the care they need. In other news, under the recent tax law,...

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05 Jan Inclusive programs, potential setback from the DOJ, and a first grader’s surprising insight in This Week’s AcceliBEAT

Happy New Year and welcome to 2018! This week we’re highlighting data from the past year that covers issues related to education to keep things in perspective as we move forward.  We also have a feature on a suburban-Chicago based program called GADOL ("giving adults...

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