09 Feb Reading disability, DOE’s pilot funding program, and the new Gerber Baby spokesbaby in This Week’s AcceliBEAT

This week’s featured article explores cutting-edge research that calls for more comprehensive tests to support students with reading disabilities. In education policy the DOE launched a pilot program that will allow districts to blend federal, state and local funding sources to prioritize funding based on...

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two smiling students

12 Jan ABA Therapy, Recording Devices in the Classroom, and Rewards of Hiring People with Disabilities in This Week’s AcceliBEAT

This week’s news highlights how although ABA therapy is recognized as the gold-standard treatment for children diagnosed with autism, it is not covered by Medicaid in several states, leaving many low-income children without the care they need. In other news, under the recent tax law,...

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Uncommon Learners

02 Jun UnCommon at the Core

3 uncommon learners who soared beyond expectations In a phrase invoking one of the most contentious topics in education today, Donovan Livingston, who graduated with a Master’s degree from the Harvard School of Education on May 25th, proclaimed in his now viral commencement poem, which he...

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