Case Studies

Client Profile
ADA: 260,000
IEP Students: 32,000

Top 10 district doubles services documentation and Medicaid reimbursement using Accelify’s related service tracking and billing systems.



Accelify $2,467,439
Prior Vendor $1,232,191


Accelify 664,995
Prior Vendor 297,822


Accelify 1,068,425
Prior Vendor 157,680

Our client initially partnered with us to automate the process of tracking transportation services provided to students with disabilities so that they could claim transportation Medicaid reimbursements. While they were working with a national Medicaid billing vendor, the vendor in place did not have a means to track transportation. Accelify was able to bridge that gap by successfully implementing AcceliROUTE (in just three weeks!), including integrating with the District’s third-party routing system to synchronize data for their 900 special education bus routes, developing a custom training program for District staff, and configuring ridership reports for the existing Medicaid vendor in order to build transportation claims.

The client was so pleased with this work, which resulted in a 500% increase in their transportation Medicaid claims that they decided to implement Accelify’s full suite of products to manage special education service delivery and Medicaid billing districtwide. This included:

  • AcceliTRACK, to track all special education related health services and activities – including integration with their third party IEP management solution and in-house student information system;
  • AcceliCLAIM, to validate, build and track Medicaid claims;
  • AcceliSCHEDULE, to automatically build student groups and service calendars for users with caseloads upwards of 120 students; and
  • AcceliBILL, to track billable time and manage the invoicing process for the District’s contracted related service providers.

These systems were customized to the client’s specifications and integrated, via Accelify’s DataSync tool, with several third party and district owned software components.

Our client continues to expand its relationship with us,and recently, after an exhaustive market review of available planning tools, decided to utilize Accelify’s AcceliPLAN 504 plan management system.


Our client has seen tremendous gains in service documentation and Medicaid claiming since implementing Accelify’s systems. They experienced a 500% increase in transportation service documentation using AcceliROUTE 

and in their first year implementing Accelify’s full suite of related service tracking and billing systems, more than doubled health service documentation, resulting in over $2.4mm claimed in Medicaid reimbursement–twice as much as they claimed with their prior vendor.