12 Aug AcceliBEAT Weekly Round Up: Federal Investigators Cite Harsh Discipline in Special Education

August 12, 2016

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This week, as the Department of Ed reminds schools of their obligation to provide behavior supports to students that need them, concerns over school discipline policies persist. A federal investigation cites an Oakland school for harsh discipline of one student with disabilities while students in New York City take to the streets to question the equity of suspensions as a discipline strategy. In other news, new research finds that computers in classrooms are not all they are cracked up to be; parents, educators, and tech companies respond. This news and more in this week’s AcceliBEAT!

Boy secluded from classroomFederal Investigators Cite Harsh Discipline in Special Education at Bay Area Schools
Stuart Candell was a 9-year-old, underweight, intellectually gifted student with autism, anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder when, with the consent of his parents, his home school district Oakland Unified placed him at the Anova Center for Education Contra Costa in 2013.

Hands and puzzle teamEd. Dept: Schools Must Provide Behavioral Supports to Students Who Need Them
Students with disabilities who are frequently suspended from school may be missing out on the behavior supports they are entitled to, says new guidance released this week from the U.S. Department of Education.



illustration of boy at computerCaution Flags for Tech in Classrooms
A group of recent studies on technology in education, across a wide range of real-world settings, have come up far short of a ringing endorsement.U.S. Department of Education.



Boy looks through stack of booksSummer Learning Loss Widens the Achievement Gap. Here’s How to Change That.
Most students celebrate being out of school for the summer, but hitting pause on learning and structure for just a few months can have big consequences.



295233bd-738c-49d6-ae7b-9d1b2bb42b33New York City Students Show Up In Droves to Question School Discipline Policy
One student said he was suspended from AP English after an argument with a teacher. Another, a new immigrant from the Philippines, said he feared getting suspended for a minor “mistake.”



kids in front of computers at schoolParent: Why I Want An Actual Person Teaching My Child – Not a Computer
“Competency-based learning” is one of the new pushes in school reform — and there is a growing debate in the education world about whether it is a positive or negative trend.



Man speaks at transportation expoSchool Transportation Expo Shares Special Ed Independence Strategies
Transporters must think like educators to help school districts overcome barriers to education for students with special needs, said presenter Pete Meslin during the recent STN EXPO in Reno, Nevada.



Mother and son at kitchen table Mom Fights for Son’s Inclusion in Classroom
Kelly Duenckel had something important to tell her son, so she sat him down at the kitchen table in their Burbank home.



Parent works at table with childFamilies Feel Impact of Special Education Cuts
Iowa’s Area Education Agencies system was designed to help children and families access services no matter where they live in Iowa. But budget cuts and service reductions have prompted many Iowa families that have the means to seek private options.



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