16 Dec AcceliBEAT Weekly Round Up 12/12-12/16: Schools With Police But No School Counselors

December 16, 2016

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This week new research was released regarding the impact of early childhood education over time and how it can result in tremendous returns in terms of future earnings, health, IQ, and crime reduction. While these findings confirm the growing body of research on the value of high-quality early education programs, the National Institute for Early Education Research reported that Head Start, the federal program that provides education, nutrition and health services to low-income children and their families, is not adequately funded and unequal. In other news, findings from the Civil Rights Data Collection reveal that 1.6 million students attend public schools that have on-site law enforcement but no school counselor. Finally, though a Bill to provide tracking devices and other resources to those with Autism and other developmental disabilities was approved by the House last week, controversial changes caused it to fall short in the Senate. This news and more in this week’s AcceliBEAT!

school police officer with gun

Schools With Police But No School Counselors: A Closer Look
Among the findings from the most recent federal Civil Rights Data Collection that got the most attention: 1.6 million students attend public schools that have an on-site law enforcement officer but no school counselor.




Dyslexic children illustrationHow Investing In Preschool Beats The Stock Market, Hands Down
If you got 13 percent back on your investments every year, you’d be pretty happy, right? Remember, the S&P 500, historically, has averaged about 7 percent when adjusted for inflation. What if the investment is in children, and the return on investment not only makes economic sense but results in richer, fuller, healthier lives for the entire family?



kids playing in school yardThe Big Problem With Early Childhood Education
Research in child development over decades as well as modern neuroscience clearly show that young children learn best when they are active. That means they get to put their hands on things, interact with other kids and adults, move a lot, create, play. But in the current school reform era, that’s not what is happening in too many classrooms.



father and son walking to schoolFeds Target Disparities in Special Education
With a new rule, the Obama administration is looking to make sure that minority students aren’t overrepresented in special education.





student writing at deskOregon Law Requires Screening for Dyslexia
Legislation passed in Oregon is shining a new light on dyslexia, an often misunderstood learning disability. Senate Bill 612, which went into effect in July 2015, requires that every kindergarten and first-grade public school student be screened for risk factors of dyslexia, a learning disability that can make it difficult to learn to read and write.



arne duncan visits early childhood classHead Start Is Underfunded and Unequal, According to a New Study
Head Start, the federal program that provides education, nutrition and health services to low-income children and their families, is not adequately funded and is administered so differently from state to state that children do not benefit equally, according to a new report from the National Institute for Early Education Research.



student with wheelchair going on busStakes High In Special Ed Case Before Supreme Court
The Supreme Court review of a battle between the parents of a child with autism and his Colorado school district could help raise the standards of education for some of the more than 6 million schoolchildren with disabilities across the United States. But it could also prove expensive for already cash-strapped school districts.



Senator in front of Capital HillWandering Bill Falls Short
Controversial, last-minute changes proved too much for a bill designed to provide tracking devices and other resources to those with developmental disabilities at risk of wandering.



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