02 Jul Mentoring Teachers Halfway Around the World in Special Education

July 2, 2018

By: Brett Bigham

Source: Education Week

For the poor in Bangladesh, there is no hope of attending school; families struggle to buy rice, let alone pay for tuition. These families live in such poverty that the children must work or spend their days collecting sticks and leaves for their parents to burn for heat.

Here, children with disabilities are thought of by many as “contagious.” There are no schools that will take them, meaning even fewer opportunities for a better life. The poverty is gut wrenching. Seeing emaciated disabled people begging for food is heartbreaking.

But there is hope here, and you can see it in every room of the Tauri Inclusive School. The founder, Ashfaque-Ul-Kabir, understood that children of poverty deserved better. And so he started a school, but one that would accept all children. An inclusive school where no inclusion existed before.

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