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Accelify All-Star: Amy Barnett

May 25, 2016

Accelify All-Star- Amy Barnett
Name: Amy Barnett
Position: Speech Language Pathologist
School/District: Chesterfield County Public Schools
# of Years Using Accelify: 3 years

“Accelify has allowed me to better track my services to ensure that I am compliant with the student’s IEP and provide better information to parents regarding the services that have been delivered to their child.”

As a provider who uses Accelify to document and schedule services as well as a member of Chesterfield County’s Medicaid support team, Amy Barnett provides a unique prospective on the multi-faceted benefits of Accelify’s systems–to students, administrators, and providers.  This month we had a chance to talk to Amy about how Accelify’s systems have improved her practice and helped her better support students.

Q&A with Featured Educator, Amy Barnett

Accelify: What made you want to go into special education?

Amy Barnett (AB): Following guidance from my aunt (a career counselor at a local college), I participated in a mentorship with the SLP at my former elementary school where I was able to observe my cousin with Down Syndrome receive speech therapy. I immediately fell in love! Being able to watch children learn the skills to communicate was so empowering.

Accelify: What do you love most about being an educator?

AB: I love when a student learns a new skill and is able to demonstrate that skill to a parent or teacher. This is always most evident when targeting articulation skills. I get excited with the ever-changing nature of my career –no two days are ever the same! Being able to target different goals and provide the students with varied activities keeps them (and myself!) motivated.

Accelify: Describe a time you felt you were able to have an impact on a child’s learning/life.

AB: One of my students was unable to pronounce the first letter of her name – and each of the names of her siblings also began with that same sound. We worked diligently and were able to get correct pronunciation. When she was able to show her mother what she had learned in speech that day, it brought tears to her eyes! Her mom said that she had been in speech for two years and still hadn’t been able to say her name correctly!

Accelify: What has been your experience working with Accelify?

AB: Accelify has helped me effectively track student services. I am able to pull reports to give to parents and aide in annual IEP and report writing. I am able to use the prescribed vs. delivered reports to show my supervisors how closely I am meeting IEP time. I have taken on an expanded role as a Medicaid Support Personnel for my division, giving me the opportunity to work within the administrative side and see all the information Accelify can provide to a department supervisor.

Accelify: What is one problem you encountered in your position that Accelify helped you solve?

AB: There have been instances within our county where parents have been concerned and questioning the time that a student has been served (“My son says ‘no’ when I ask him if he’s been going to speech, what’s going on?”) and we are able to pull reports to show the documentation to explain the services that have or haven’t been delivered. As a site administrator and Medicaid Support Personnel for my county, it has also helped me to assist department supervisors in monitoring therapist compliance and performance.

Accelify: How is Accelify different than other vendors/systems you’ve worked with?

AB: I have only completed Medicaid billing by paper billing, so this is SO much more convenient

Accelify: How has Accelify made your job easier or helped you do your job better?

AB:  Accelify has allowed me to better track my services to ensure that I am compliant with the student’s IEP and provide better information to parents regarding the services that have been delivered to their child.

Accelify: Do you believe the Accelify’s systems have a positive impact on students?

AB: I believe that the increased ability to easily view compliance forces us to provide services as we have described and keeps therapists more accountable for service delivery.