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Accelify Fall Update

October 19, 2016

Fall is here and the school year is off to a great start!

We spent most of July through September traveling the country from the Southwest (where we welcomed new customer, Gallup-McKinley County Schools in NM) to the Midwest (where we welcomed a number of new customers in WI), and down South to Florida, Virginia, and Louisiana, training users on AcceliTRACK 3.0. This year, our customers took to social media to express their excitement about the new system!

Clients are now actively using AcceliTRACK 3.0 and enjoying all the benefits including better navigation, search and reporting capabilities, new tools for quicker documentation, and improved speed and performance. Laura Taliaferro, from Norfolk Public Schools in VA sums it up…

“In terms of entering data, the Accelify updates have cut my time by 75% relative to how long it took me previously. The calendar is easy to set up–once you cut and paste the weeks, it’s super simple to enter 3 quick pieces of data.”

We’re looking forward to continuing to improve the system and have some exciting updates and enhancements in store for future releases. Stay tuned for more!

social emotional learning webinar
In other news, our SpedChat Webinar Series continues this school year, and we have a number of interesting topics and guest presenters lined up. Be sure to register for our upcoming webinar, Preventing Bullying and Promoting Inclusion through Social-Emotional Learning, which will take place on Wednesday, October 26th at 4pm ET. In this webinar, Accelify’s Naama Yefet will discuss why promoting inclusion is critical to preventing bullying of students with and without disabilities and explore how the integration of Social and Emotion Learning (SEL) programming within inclusion classrooms can significantly decrease the likelihood of bullying.