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Adaptive Program Gives Kids with Disabilities a Chance to Swim

July 11, 2018

By: Emily Medalen

Source: My ND Now

Bismarck – A new program at YMCA’s in North Dakota is giving kids with disabilities a chance to do something they may have never thought they could.

Emily Medalen has the story about how adaptive swimming is making sure everyone gets a chance to enjoy the water.
Adaptive swimming lessons are now being held at both the Bismarck and Minot YMCA.

Instructors told me they wanted to giving these kids an opportunity to splash around and play in the water just like any other child.”All of the sudden it’s “I can do this,” instead of always hearing somebody else saying “You can’t. You can’t.” We’re more focused on what they can do. And they can do all of this stuff,” says Joe Hill, Aquatics Trainer, YMCA.

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