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Chicago Public Schools Eyeing Larger Class Sizes & Cuts

March 17, 2010

Chicago Public Schools are facing such dire budget troubles it could leave classes severely overcrowded.

Chicago Public Schools CEO Ron Huberman told principals in a meeting Monday that as many as 37 students per class could be in the future.

In addition, they might have to shut down all non-varsity sports programs and cut back on assistant principals and clerks.

Before all is said and done, the city is looking at possibly eliminating almost 3,800 jobs.

Huberman said $700 million needs to be cut from the budget. He said the current plan calls for $300 million in school-based cuts and $400 million in city-wide cuts.

Chicago Teachers Union President Marilyn Stewart said she is disappointed that Huberman briefed principals and incited panic, especially among assistant principals, who were told their jobs may be cut. She said CPS can trim the fat elsewhere. She also said the cuts should not fall on the backs of teachers or students.