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June 3, 2014

Today’s spotlight is on Alex Brecher, CEO and Founding Partner of Accelify Consulting.

Alex is the CEO of Accelify Solutions, LLC, a leading provider of ERP technology solutions for K-12 public schools throughout the US. Accelify Solutions provides software and consulting services to districts such as LA Unified, Dallas ISD, Broward County PS, DC Public schools and hundreds of others. These solutions impact both operational and financial elements of Public School management and are more specifically targeted at impacting special education nationally.Alex began his career with management consulting and venture capital firm Rein Capital, where he advised companies such as IBM Global Services, AT&T WorldNet, and IDT Corporation on organizational development. Alex then served as Vice President of Marketing at IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT), a telephone company with over $1bb in annual sales. His next role was at First Financial Equities as Vice President of Business Development and Marketing overseeing the company’s expansion efforts into new geographies and additional service areas such as brokerage services and commercial banking.Alex spent the next four years running the MBO advisory firm, Hawkes Peers TW Associates, where he played a key role in developing portfolio management teams on behalf of private equity companies. He subsequently managed children’s fashion company Faigie Designs and, as CEO, oversaw its development from startup into a brand carried by retailers such as Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus

Alex currently serves on the Board of Directors of a number of public and private companies and charitable organizations.

Accelify Solutions’ track record of success in increasing fully compliant Medicaid revenues and implementing decision support tools for client districts led to numerous client requests to increase the scope of services successfully provided to school districts across the country. Accelify Consulting was founded with a dedication to the goal of directly enabling sustained client success with each assignment.