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Marketing A Cause Founder Raises Thousands to Save Special Education (CA)

April 6, 2011

LOS ANGELES, CA  — When Governor Jerry Brown recently released the proposed budget for the State of California fiscal year beginning July 01, 2011, and slashed $750 million from Special Education programs, it was certain that someone was going to lose. The 20% cut in funding from the previous fiscal year budget meant that many community services for developmentally disabled adults would cease or be drastically reduced and modified. And the losers? People who really needed help the most — adults with developmental disabilities including mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism and other related conditions.

In an effort to raise awareness and much needed funding, “Marketing A Cause” founder, Mary Noon created a new tactical on-line fundraising campaign, entitled the “Forgotten Population.” The highly successful nine-week campaign launched in early February 2011, raised over $18,000 for forty adults with developmental disabilities who currently participate in the Mt. Diablo Life Skills program in Concord, California. The program had been threatened with significant staffing and time reductions unless $18,000 was raised by April 01, 2011.

The Mt. Diablo Life Skills program, a division of Mt. Diablo Unified School District, a not-for-profit public school, is an educational program for adults with developmental disabilities. The program strives to develop each student’s maximum potential and independence with a curriculum that is highly comprehensive and individualized, focusing on Independent living skills, social skills, functional academics and job readiness. Many adults with disabilities given consistent and proper training can live independently and hold full or part-time jobs — they can be part of the community and live a somewhat normal life.

During the nine-week campaign, family, friends and supporters were encouraged to make monetary donations online at The goal was to light up 900 figures on the “donate” page by April 01, 2011. When a donation of $20 was received, one figure was illuminated marking the campaigns progress. Donors and students were elated to see all 900 brightly lit on April 01, 2011, meaning their goal had been reached. Watch this special video ( from the students thanking the many online donors.

Marketing A Cause cross-promoted the effort using a highly effective proprietary online email and video campaign developed by its founder, Mary Noon. The interactive nature of this new innovative online campaign created excitement and interest among donors and was instrumental in reaching a vast Internet audience of people previously una ware of the programs problem. “The Mt. Diablo Life Skills educational directors and teachers were bowled over by the response and are completely grateful for Marketing A Cause’s efforts,” said Susan Passeggi, Assistant Director of the Mt. Diablo Life Skills Program.

The Mt. Diablo Life Skills program is just one of the many other Special Education programs that is threatened with closure, reduced hours and days due to state budget cuts. If you share Marketing A Cause’s passion for equal opportunity in education for developmentally disabled adults or would like to learn more about the Forgotten Population campaign please contact Mary Noon at