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What Role Does a Principal Have in Special Education Programs? – AcceliBEAT Weekly Round Up

October 19, 2018

In this week’s round up we look at the role principals play in managing special education programs from a variety of perspectives. In policy news, the Education Department announced the selection of Laurie VanderPloeg, a special education administrator from Michigan, to lead the federal office of special education programs. Her priority when she takes office […]

Special Education Policies, Students Elected on the Board of Ed, and a Documentary about the Representation of Disabilities in Film in This Week’s AcceliBEAT

September 28, 2018

We begin this week’s roundup with a story covering the nation’s top special education official setting a new agenda for the U.S. Department of Education as it works to “rethink anything and everything” in its quest to meet the office’s mission “to improve early childhood, educational and employment outcomes and raise expectations for all people […]

Students with Disabilities Sue ACT over Release of Personal Information – AcceliBEAT Weekly Round Up

August 10, 2018

This week, as schools, teachers, and students began gearing up for the new school year, a group of college-bound students with disabilities sued ACT Inc., claiming the test maker illegally disclosed personal information. In Texas, the special Senate committee took measures to address school violence by improving mental health resources among other recommendations to prepare […]

Edtech Equalizers in Special Education – AcceliBEAT Weekly Round Up

July 20, 2018

In this week’s roundup, we’re highlighting the accessibility of ed tech devices and their role in the classroom. Assistive tech for special education students in a Georgia school district is primarily in the form of apps or voice-to-text features; this tech alleviates the cost of providing hardware services. As for other ed tech in the […]