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Perrysburg Schools Forced to Cut Back

March 26, 2010

PERRYSBURG, OHIO — The Toledo Public School District is not alone in its budget crisis.  Many other districts, including Perrysburg are also being forced to cut back.

At a public meeting held Thursday, Perrysburg Schools Superintendent Tom Hosler announced plans to cut around four elementary, five junior high and  ten high school teachers in an effort to help close the district’s $3.1 million budget gap.

One student voiced concern about the district’s high school music program, "There’s no way that you can maintain the same amount of musical excellence that we have by cutting our music teachers."

Hosler says the district is doing it’s best, but that they simply cannot please everyone. "If we save the things that they want to save…there is going to be another meeting and there is going to be an other group of people here.  At some point you’ve got to make the reductions that you need to balance the budget."

The district hopes to balance the budget without asking voters for more money.

The school board will next meet to discuss possible cuts on April 13.