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Program Helps Students with Disabilities Run Marathon

June 18, 2018

By: Marcella Robertson

Source: WUSA 9

STAFFORD, Va. — Kendra Lively’s adapted P.E. students have a special place in her heart. Lively travels to several different schools around Stafford County and H.H. Poole Middle School is one of them.

“I just love them, I mean they’re my kids when I’m not with my kids at home,” said Lively.

All of the students in the class have a disability, but she focuses on the sports and exercises they can be successful with.

Their teacher, Amber Petty, also loves to watch them reach new limits.

“I don’t think they realize how much they do and what they’re capable of. This helps them realize they can do anything they set their mind to,” said Petty.

This year, these students reached a new goal. They ran and walked what added up to 26.2 miles, a full marathon.

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