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Simplify State Transportation Reporting with AcceliROUTE

October 28, 2014

Does your state require school districts to perform regular transportation reporting? Is your school district required to fill out surveys or provide other information regarding student ridership, routes, and attendance? Is this reporting tied to transportation funding? If the answer is yes, then Accelify can help save you time, money and ensure you don’t lose out on any funding!

Accelify’s Transportation Management System, AcceliROUTE, can now automate the process of tracking attendance for the state transportation survey, something that can greatly benefit your Transportation Department. Currently in use by Broward County Public Schools in Florida, the system has provided the following benefits:
  • AcceliROUTE substantially reduced printing and resulted in much less paperwork for drivers – Printing was reduced by 66% and printing time was reduced by over 80%.
  • AcceliROUTE dramatically reduced the time it takes to capture student bus attendance.
  • AcceliROUTE lightened the workload for staff responsible for managing the state survey – Broward went from 14 staff members and over 450 hours of staff time to only 4 staff members and 54 hours using AcceliROUTE – AN 88% COST SAVINGS!
  • AcceliROUTE automatically created an electronic audit record of all ridership data.
  • AcceliROUTE allowed for quicker submission of the state transportation report.
  • AcceliROUTE resulted in more accurate data, increased revenue – with lower costs!
How it works:
AcceliROUTE allows you to import bus routes and student route assignments and then print scannable bus logs for transportation reporting. By printing logs that are accurate for each of the morning and afternoon runs, the system makes it much easier on drivers to accurately track ridership. Once drivers complete the log it is scanned back into AcceliROUTE for automatic data processing. The system then provides an exportable report with information required to create the state report.
If you would like more information or would like to schedule a demo to see just how AcceliROUTE can simplify your state transportation survey, click here.