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Special Education Students Get Real-World Job Experience (SC)

April 8, 2011

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Some students in special education at Myrtle Beach High School are getting real-world experience on the job as part of their career preparation course work.

For the past two weeks seven students following the particular course work have gotten their on-the-job experience at Myrtle Beach National golf course. It is the first year the course has hosted students from the Myrtle Beach High School.

“It’s fun to get out of class, and get out of school for a while, and do some training,” commented student Brandon Napier.

The students have minor learning disabilities causing them to fall just short of earning a standard diploma. The job experience helps them earn an occupational diploma instead.

While at the golf course the students have been able to do a lot different jobs from cooking, to tracking inventory, to maintenance and customer service.

“They just want somebody to give them a chance because life has dealt them a lot of curve balls, and they just keep dodging them and dodging them, waiting for somebody to teach them how to hit one,” said teacher Casey Beck.

Napier and his classmate Tahon Easton had simple explanations for why the jobs are so important to them.

“Different jobs require different experiences,” Napier said. “So yeah, it’s good to have experience.”

“It’s been a learning experience, and also it helps me become the person that I want to become,” added Easton.

The workers at Myrtle Beach National said the students have learned job skills. They have also proven they can fit into a workplace explained food and beverage manager Linda Gregory.

“They’ve been extremely polite, and their attitudes have been wonderful,” Gregory said. “They’ve jumped in and become part of the crew, absolutely.”

The students say they have dreams just like everyone.

“I want to be a chef when I get out of high school,” explained Easton. “So anything that can get me closer to being the chef I want to be is no problem at all.”

Just like everyone they have self-doubt too.

“When I get older I want to be a fashion designer, but I don’t know about that no more,” shared student Jessica White. “So I don’t know.”

However, white said the job experience at least gives them a better start.

“It is valuable to me because people are going to be asking me have you ever had work experience, and I can yes, I did, and it was fun, and I can say it was at the golf course,” White said.

Beck said he is committed to making the job experience work for the students. He said he does not want it to fall victim to potential budget cuts.