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Union: California School Districts Issue 19,000 Teacher Pink Slips So Far (CA)

March 30, 2011

SAN BRUNO — The California Teachers Association is reporting that school districts so far have issued nearly 19,000 layoff notices to teachers amid uncertainty over the state budget.

The union announced its estimate of preliminary pink slips issued statewide as of Tuesday, the deadline for school districts to let employees know they could lose their jobs.

But some districts haven’t reported how many layoff warnings they have issued as they prepare for worst-case budget scenarios. The union says it expects to have a final count Friday.

The threatened layoffs won’t all necessarily be carried out. Schools have until May 15 to issue final layoff notices.

Teachers rallied around the state Tuesday to support Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan for a budget that maintains current K-12 spending by asking voters to approve tax extensions.