Students Ratify School Safety Bill of Rights Calling for New Gun Control, Mental Health Programs and More in This Week’s AcceliBEAT

October 26, 2018

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Our featured article this week focuses on a group of 100 students who drafted and ratified a Students’ Bill of Rights for School Safety calling for better mental health care in schools and a slate of new gun control laws in the nation’s capital. In special ed policy, federal officials said Texas should do more to monitor school districts’ compliance with special education law in the State. In ed and health policy, Congress recently passed legislation that will help schools and communities cope with some of the challenges of educating kids from families grappling with opioid addiction. Lastly, in other news, sensory designed classrooms are making an impact in California, more private equity firms are investing in autism therapies, and YouTube is investing in educational videos. All this and more in this week’s AcceliBEAT!

group of students sitting together in classroom

Students Ratify School Safety Bill of Rights Calling for New Gun Control, Mental Health Programs

On mental health, the students asked for “immediate access to qualified counselors,” and more for school-based safety and security initiatives.

hand pointing to paper in a binder

What’s In the New Federal Opioid Legislation to Help Schools

The opioid crisis has become a top-of-mind issue for schools across the country coping with orphaned children and with others facing serious emotional trauma.

upset parents speaking to council

Federal Officials tell Texas to go Beyond Plan for Special Education Overhaul

Federal officials said Texas should be doing even more to improve special education — and they’re planning a visit early next year to check.

sensory classroom desksOxnard Opens Classroom Doors to a Specialized Program for Students with Emotional Needs

In Isabel Olachea’s classroom at McAuliffe School in Oxnard, things run just a little differently. There are only a handful of desks — no more than six.

adult examining child's body

As Demand for ABA Therapy Increases, Investors Buy In

Autism therapy is attracting significant attention from private equity firms, a trend that could fund rapid expansion of clinics, but is also raising concerns about quality of care.

happy teacher and students

What Happens to Students When Teachers Leave Midyear?

The harmful effects of teacher turnover — which also impact students whose teachers stay on staff — may be largely driven by educators who leave midyear, and this might happen more than previous research suggested.

youtube cartoon graphicsYouTube Launches $20 Million Fund as Part of ‘Learning’ Initiative

On Monday, YouTube offered details around a new $20 million fund that is part of YouTube Learning, an initiative announced by YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki this summer, to invest in educational videos.

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