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Client Profile

ADA: 21,000
IEP Students: 2,700

End-to-end special education management system maximizes IEP compliance and Medicaid reimbursement.


Our client was looking for a comprehensive special education management solution when they partnered with Accelify—one that would link the IEP development process, to related service scheduling and tracking, to Medicaid billing. The systems for managing these processes needed to speak to each other and provide the District the ability to monitor compliance with IEP timelines and service requirements, transfer data required for state reporting to their SIS, support service tracking for all billable service types, and provide data to maximize Medicaid claiming and compliance.


Our client initially implemented our Medicaid service tracking & billing systems, including AcceliTRACK, AccelPCS, and AcceliROUTE. This enabled them to expand billing from covering only occupational, physical & speech therapy services, to include nursing, personal care, social work, psychology, & transportation. Providers received user-type specific training and ongoing support to ensure optimal user adoption. The system also enabled billing staff to identify areas where obtaining missing data could drive greater revenue.

The Medicaid systems were initially integrated with the District’s third-party IEP system, allowing them to monitor the delivery of IEP services in real-time & validate that all services claimed were properly authorized in student IEPs. After two school years, our client partnered with us to build a custom IEP system to further streamline special education case management & automate Plan of Care development. The District also worked with Accelify to enhance its Medicaid systems, building custom reports to assist with Medicaid cost reporting and self-audit processes, and other enhancements to ensure continuous improvement to both special education & Medicaid billing operations.


The end-to-end nature of the solution implemented by Accelify’s client school district has resulted in improved management of the IEP process, more automated means for tracking IEP timelines & completing Plans of Care, and better tools for monitoring and documenting service delivery, resulting in Medicaid increases. The client has also improved their Medicaid program by using Accelify’s Medicaid exception reports to take corrective action where missing information was limiting claiming, and following Accelify’s guidance on adjusting their cost reporting process to ensure all costs are accounted for.