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Client Profile

ADA: 350,000
ESE Students: 96,000

District improves process compliance and data integrity for over 96,000 Exceptional Student Education Students and doubles Medicaid reimbursements.


Accelify was awarded a contract to implement our enterprise special​ ​education management system for our client’s 96,000 Exceptional Student​ ​Education Students. Prior to Accelify,​ ​they used inconsistent management​ ​processes and systems across multiple​ ​plan types (IEP, Gifted EP, IFSP, 504,​ ​PSSP), causing significant data integrity​ ​issues. Our client was also burdened​ ​by a complex, cumbersome and manual state funding mechanism, lacked visibility​ ​into whether services were reaching​ s​tudents, and was not maximizing documentation​ ​for Medicaid billing.


Our client initially implemented ​AcceliPLAN​​ to better manage and enforce standards around case management processes for all plan types including IEPs, Section 504 Plans, Educational Plans for Gifted Students, Private School Service Plans, and Individual Family Service Plans. Accelify customized the system using AcceliPLAN’s configurable workflows and data validations to follow the District’s unique processes and best practices for each plan type. Accelify also worked closely with our client to customize AcceliPLAN to automate the process of developing each student’s Matrix of Services (MOS) —a state-required document that is used to calculate ESE funding for the District. While streamlining the planning process with AcceliPLAN, our client also implemented Accelify’s service tracking and billing systems, ​AcceliTRACK​, AcceliROUTE​, AcceliNURSE​, and​ AcceliCLAIM​, to gain visibility into the execution of student plans and increase Medicaid billing.


Accelify’s ESE management system has​ e​ nsured a consistent and valid process is​ followed for each program, while providing​ ​the visibility needed to ensure expected​ ​timelines are met at each stage of the process and that required services reach​ ​students. Data entry errors have been​ reduced to .00001%​ and automation of​ ​the MOS calculations has brought back​ ​tens of thousands of hours into student​ ​care. Furthermore, service documentation​ ​enhancements have enabled the District​ ​to ​double Medicaid reimbursements.