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Accelify Launches AcceliPROGRESS Progress Monitoring System

February 7, 2019

NEW YORK, February 7, 2019 –
Accelify Solutions, LLC (Accelify) is proud to announce the launch of AcceliPROGRESS, the newest addition to its enterprise special education software suite. AcceliPROGRESS allows providers and teachers to track progress against IEP therapy and academic goals and objectives when documenting services in AcceliTRACK, including the tools, strategies and assistance levels used to work toward each goal. All data captured in AcceliPROGRESS is instantly aggregated into detailed progress reports, enabling school district staff to provide parents, students and other stakeholders clear and concise information to assist in the planning process with very little effort.

“We are excited to offer the AcceliPROGRESS toolset to our clients,” said Alex Brecher, Chief Executive Officer of Accelify. “With AcceliPROGRESS, we have reached new heights in the evolution of our special education service tracking system. For years, our systems have set the standard in monitoring if students are receiving mandated services in compliance with their plans. Now, we can provide instant visibility into the efficacy of those services and how they are impacting student outcomes. Using AcceliPROGRESS and the robust reporting we have built around it, we are ever more confident in our clients’ ability to carry out our mission of living up to the promises made to special education students and ensuring they are making meaningful gains in their education.”

In developing AcceliPROGRESS, Accelify consulted with providers and administrators across the country and identified many inefficiencies and inconsistencies in the methods used to monitor and report on student progress. AcceliPROGRESS was designed to solve these challenges by making a rigorous and time-consuming data collection process instantaneous and easy and ensuring a more streamlined and standardized approach to progress reporting, all the while remaining flexible enough to meet the varying needs of providers and teachers across multiple disciplines.

“I have really enjoyed being able to use AcceliPROGRESS, not only for data tracking, but to provide families and students a visual representation of progress! I have been able to use the visuals with English and Spanish speaking families alike,” said Hannah Davis, a Speech Language Pathologist in Chesterfield County Public Schools, where the system was piloted during its development.

Key AcceliPROGRESS system features and benefits include:

  • Simplified progress monitoring: To capture progress data, providers and teachers document raw progress percentages against therapy and academic goals or simply document trial data, and AcceliPROGRESS automatically calculates the progress percentage and even generates a progress note using the data entered.

  • Comprehensive progress reporting: AcceliPROGRESS instantly generates student progress reports on student goals, which graph the level of progress and assistance levels provided, strategies and tools used to achieve the progress, and detailed service logs for each service.

  • Insight into what’s working and what’s not: AcceliPROGRESS provides real-time visibility into which methods, tools and strategies are most effective. If students have met or are failing to meet their goals, stakeholders are informed prior to their next IEP meeting, allowing for more timely revisions to IEP goals, which ensure students’ plans of care consistently meet their needs.

  • Administrative insights: AcceliPROGRESS allows administrators to review the progression of each student as well as groups of students to assess the effectiveness of their overall programming. Additionally, AcceliPROGRESS provides aggregate data to show the efficacy of each tool and strategy employed by staff to highlight best practices and provide insight into professional development opportunities.

Accelify is offering AcceliPROGRESS to existing customers at a discounted rate for those that sign up ahead of the 2019-20 school year.

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