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Accelify Solutions Joins IMS Global Learning Consortium

March 1, 2018

Accelify Solutions, LLC (Accelify), a leading provider of special education management systems, is pleased to announce it has attained IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS) conformance certification for OneRoster v1.1. As the leading provider of open interoperability standards for educational institutions, suppliers, and government organizations, IMS enables education institutions to be more innovative, provide a more seamless user experience and dramatically reduce the cost of integrating products into educational enterprise systems. IMS OneRoster v1.1 CSV and REST standards will be supported by Accelify’s AcceliSYNC data integration technology tools and will be available to all Accelify clients effective immediately. Accelify is also in the process of attaining the IMS Global LTI v1.1 conformance certification, which will allow for seamless integration with any learning management system.

“We’re thrilled to join the IMS Global community and to have received certification for the most current version of the OneRoster standard,” said Alex Brecher, Chief Executive Officer of Accelify. “One of the primary ways we impact school districts is by providing greater visibility into their special education programs. This is only possible through seamless data integration. We are excited to add IMS OneRoster to the class leading options our clients already have for seamless data integration. Our IMS Global membership will allow for simpler integrations for those clients utilizing these robust standards and provide school districts greater access to our industry leading special education management tools.”

“Accelify Solutions’ support of OneRoster will help districts achieve data unification on day one of special education data tracking,” said Dr. Rob Abel, Chief Executive Officer, IMS Global Learning Consortium. “We are pleased that Accelify has achieved OneRoster v1.1 conformance certification for its AcceliTRACK product.”

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About Accelify Solutions, LLC

Accelify is leading provider of special education management systems that are designed to help school districts strengthen special education operations and compliance and maximize Medicaid reimbursement. Our systems streamline everything from plan development and case management (e.g. IEP, 504, IFSP) through the world’s most robust set of related service scheduling, tracking and billing systems. Accelify’s systems are proven to make personnel more effective while generating a significant return on investment in increased Medicaid reimbursement and more efficient utilization of district resources. Accelify is headquartered in New York and Los Angeles.

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Natalie Roth
Director of Marketing
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