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Charleston County School District Implements Accelify’s Medicaid Documentation and Claiming Systems

May 9, 2019

New York, NY – May 9, 2019 –
Accelify Solutions, LLC (Accelify), a leading provider of special education management systems, is pleased to announce that Charleston County School District (CCSD) is implementing its Medicaid documentation and claiming systems.

The contract includes Accelify’s comprehensive related services management solution, AcceliTRACK, which provides robust functionality to ensure IEP mandated services are scheduled and delivered, including real-time visibility into compliance with IEP service requirements that promotes greater accountability and near 100% capture of all services.

CCSD will also implement AcceliCLAIM, Accelify’s Medicaid claiming management module. Designed to manage every step of the Medicaid claiming process, AcceliCLAIM’s robust validation system has enabled Accelify to maintain a perfect Medicaid compliance record for over 20 years, while serving some of the largest districts and states in the country. It is also designed to provide greater visibility than any other Medicaid system on the market, ensuring every district stakeholder, from finance to special education, knows where each eligible claim stands.

In addition to these modules, the contract includes an option to implement Accelify’s full suite of integrated special education management systems. This includes AcceliPLAN, a workflow-based special education case management system that streamlines and automates special education processes from referral through exit, AccelASSIGN and AcceliSCHEDULE to enhance resource utilization through needs-based allocation and automated service scheduling, and the AcceliROUTE and AcceliNURSE modules to streamline tracking and management of transportation and nursing services provided to students.

CCSD chose Accelify after conducting a comprehensive review of available systems, in which the District assessed functionality and usability by sandboxing Accelify’s and other solutions to determine which would best fit the District’s needs.

“We are excited to launch our systems for Charleston County School District, our first customer in the State of South Carolina,” said Alex Brecher, Chief Executive Officer of Accelify. “As we continue to expand into new territories, we look forward to bringing our national expertise in Medicaid claiming and proven experience enhancing special education program operations to more school districts.”

CCSD is the second largest school district in South Carolina, educating more than 50,000 students, including 5,000 students with disabilities.

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Accelify is leading provider of special education management systems that are designed to help school districts strengthen special education operations and compliance and maximize Medicaid reimbursement. Our systems streamline everything from plan development and case management (e.g. IEP, 504, IFSP) through the world’s most robust set of related service scheduling, tracking and billing systems. Accelify’s systems are proven to make personnel more effective while generating a significant return on investment in increased Medicaid reimbursement and more efficient utilization of district resources. Accelify is headquartered in New York and Los Angeles. For more information visit

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