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A documentation tool uniquely designed for Paraprofessionals.

Simple, efficient personal care service tracking.

AccelPCS makes it possible for paraprofessionals to track their activities without the need for computing devices. Using bubble sheets, paras simply log their activities for the week. Sheets are then scanned into the system and parsed into electronic format, where weekly minutes are automatically totaled and validated for Medicaid claiming.

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Eliminate the need for costly computing devices.

Paraprofessionals spend all their working hours providing one-on-one support to students. Unlike other providers, they do not have time to document services electronically, nor access to computing devices. With AccelPCS, they can document services as they are performed throughout the day, all but eliminating the need for electronic documentation.


Reduce data entry errors.

AccelPCS keeps your data clean. Blackout dates are removed from bubble sheets, limiting data entry to dates school is in session. Daily service minute totals are calculated automatically, reducing errors in totaling minutes for Medicaid claiming.

Maximize PCS claiming.

Based on data collected for Accelify’s clients nationwide, personal care services can often account for as much as 40% of overall claiming dollars. AccelPCS makes claiming for these services possible, with minimal effort on the part of district staff.