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Austin Independent School District Selects Accelify’s Enterprise Special Education Management System

April 25, 2019

New York, NY – April 25, 2019 –
Accelify Solutions, LLC (Accelify), a leading provider of special education management systems, is pleased to announce that Austin Independent School District (AISD) has selected Accelify to implement and maintain a comprehensive web-based software suite for special education, section 504, and related services management.

The contract was awarded through a competitive bid process and includes the following software modules:

  • AcceliPLAN – a highly configurable workflow based special education management system, which is designed to streamline the entire special education case management process (for any plan type, including IEPs and 504 plans) from referral and intake, assessment and eligibility determination to service planning, transition and exit;


  • AccelASSIGNwhich enables needs-based related service resource allocation by providing an accurate picture of the number of staff required to deliver IEP services to students and optimally allocating staff to ensure each school has what they need, and not more;

  • AcceliSCHEDULE – an auto-scheduling tool that is used to create optimal schedules for district staff and service providers. The tool prevents scheduling conflicts and ensures greater overall efficiency of district staff by optimizing their schedules;

  • AcceliTRACK – a comprehensive related services management solution, which provides a single interface to manage all stages of the delivery of IEP services to students, ensuring near 100% capture of all services and IDEA compliance;

  • AcceliROUTEwhich simplifies the labor-intensive process of tracking transportation services and matching trips to services for Medicaid reimbursement;


  • AccelPCS – a tool that makes it possible for paraprofessionals to track their activities for Medicaid billing without the need for computing devices;

  • AcceliBILL – which automatically generates timesheets for all services and other billable time contracted therapy providers log in AcceliTRACK, expedites the timesheet approval process and generates invoices on behalf of contractor agencies for efficient, paperless billing; and

  • AcceliCLAIM – a Medicaid claiming management system that manages every step of the Medicaid claiming process, from performing Medicaid eligibility checks, to building and submitting claims, to processing remittance files.

“Accelify is thrilled to be working with Austin ISD,” said Alex Brecher, Chief Executive Officer of Accelify. “It was clear from the RFP that Austin ISD was looking for a software partner to not only replace the existing IEP/504 and Medicaid billing systems, but to provide additional value through systems for optimizing staff utilization, service planning, scheduling and tracking. Accelify’s integrated suite of special education management systems fits that bill. We look forward to seeing AISD realize the benefits of these systems and for the opportunity to help other school districts in Texas solve the same operational issues by utilizing the cooperative agreement in the RFP.

“The Austin Independent School District is looking forward to partnering with Accelify Solutions to create operational efficiencies and maximize funding in support of our mission to provide the necessary services to our Special Education and 504 students, so they are successful academically and in life,” said Nicole Conley Johnson, Chief of Business and Operations.

AISD is the fifth-largest school district in Texas, educating more than 80,000 students, including 10,000 students with disabilities.

About Accelify Solutions, LLC

Accelify is leading provider of special education management systems that are designed to help school districts strengthen special education operations and compliance and maximize Medicaid reimbursement. Our systems streamline everything from plan development and case management (e.g. IEP, 504, IFSP) through the world’s most robust set of related service scheduling, tracking and billing systems. Accelify’s systems are proven to make personnel more effective while generating a significant return on investment in increased Medicaid reimbursement and more efficient utilization of district resources. Accelify is headquartered in New York and Los Angeles. For more information visit


Natalie Roth
Director of Marketing
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