An Integrated Solution to Manage
Each Step of Your Special Education Process


Simplify special education case management and enforce compliance. AcceliPLAN manages all elements of the special education case management process, from referral and intake and assessment and eligibility determination to service planning, transition and exit. Highly customizable, AcceliPLAN can manage any plan type. IEP. 504. RtI. AcceliPLAN is the right solution for you.

The world’s most customizable true workflow-based special education management system.


Know exactly how many related service providers you need to service your students and allocate them to your schools most effectively. Harness the power of AcceliSCHEDULE’s algorithm to accurately estimate and allocate the right level of resources. No more. No Less.

The first system of its kind designed to help optimize related service staff utilization.


Dramatically reduce scheduling and coordination time for your providers. Help them get their schedule right the first time and effortlessly adjust as their caseloads change throughout the school year. AcceliSCHEDULE automatically creates optimized provider calendars and student groups with the click of a button.

The most powerful and flexible auto-scheduling system available for related service providers.


Capture every service using Accelify’s service tracking systems. With modules designed specifically for each user group, from related service providers, to nurses, transportation staff, and paraprofessionals, Accelify’s service tracking tools simplify documentation and are proven to increase productivity, compliance, and Medicaid reimbursement.

Industry leading special education tracking tools for monitoring and maximizing the delivery of related services, assessments, and other program activities.

Simplified transportation service tracking for Medicaid claiming and state reporting purposes.

The only system designed for paraprofessionals to track the delivery of personal care services without the need for costly computing devices.

A full-featured nursing management system designed to track student health services, hearing and vision screenings, immunizations and more for Medicaid billing and beyond.


Get the most out of your contracted therapy providers and streamline the timesheet and invoice creation process. AcceliBILL allows contractors to generate timesheets for all services and non-student activities captured in AcceliTRACK and automates the invoicing process for contractor agencies – all but eliminating the current paper-chase.

All-inclusive contractor agency management and billing.


Claim every service eligible for reimbursement and submit claims in confidence knowing they will withstand an audit. AcceliCLAIM automates the entire Medicaid claiming process, from identifying eligible students and services and building and submitting claims to tracking the remittance process. Rich with reporting tools, AcceliCLAIM provides the visibility you need to ensure you maximize every billing opportunity.

The premier school-based Medicaid billing solution.

A fully web-based solution for managing the Random Moment Time Study for Medicaid Administrative Claiming and Direct Service Cost Settlement.